Jumping Ships - Talisman


So why this blog? An explanation is not needed, but after 6 months I need to give it.

Why does ALT+M claim to be a music television? Music does not need words, analysis, style definition or explanation, it needs to be heard and felt. ALT+M only features official videos that are published on YouTube. It does sound limiting, but limitations and in partucular self-imposed ones are an important and integral part of our world that help us stay focused and move forward.

ALT+M was not intended to be a personal blog, rather a blog of personal taste in music. Yet it is what it is and it's grown on me this way. You will be seeing and hearing contemporary music, but hardly any world firsts or exclusives. ALT+M will be influenced and will influence, that's what music does.

And why is this text in English? Защото.